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7 Reasons Your Software Development Company Should Work on Getting a CMMI Rating

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a tool that is used to measure the maturity of a software development company’s processes, to see how well a company can deliver on a project.


A software development process is made up skills, tools and the procedure who develop a product or service. A good process has the skilled people required to do the job, the software development tools, and good procedures that are easily repeable to bring out products or servics or services of the same high quality.

Companies that have high quality processes have a high rating of 5, while those who perform under par have a rating of 1.

The CMMI model was developed at the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon in the US. SEI’s Programme manager Mike Phillips says the use of CMMI is not limited to the software development sector. A similar system is being developed for the manufacturing industry, he says.

So why should you consider using CMMI to measure your company’s performance?

1. Learn how efficient your processes are
Introducing CMMI into your company’s operations ekyc solution  will help you find out how efficient your processes and which areas you need to beef up as things are prone to go wrong when your company is engaged in development projects.

2. Get in line with international trends
CMMI is increasingly being used to improve processes in the software development industry.

3. Improve the quality of your products
Dimension Data chairman for the EMEA region Andile Ngcaba says quality of the product/ service is strongly dependent on the quality of the processes followed. The better the process, the better the product/ service, he says. One of the accepted ways to measure the quality of processes is CMMI.

4. Improve the way your teams work
When processes are of a high-quality, you are able to take on more jobs and guarantee a certain level of service or quality without stressing the company and its resources. You are also able to manage the growth of your company more seamlessly, as new staff are easily trained and integrated into the smoothly running machine that is your company.

However, a CMMI rating is up for renewal in three years. This ensures that a high level of quality processes is maintained even as the company grows and staff move on to other opportunities

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